Google Play Service may not be the most accessed app from the settings, but every other app depends on it for some kind of feature. Google Play Service hosts various settings such as Google Password Manager, Find My Device, Game Dashboard and various others. In case if you are not aware, Google Play Services rolled out a recommended tab in february and now it  seems like some UI changes are coming as well. 

In current Google Play Serives all setting are available under the "All services" tab. In this tab the settings are not that much organized and you have to go around looking for specific settings. The new UI change in the Google Play Services (v24.15.14 beta) will categorize the settings properly and will display all of them in the all services tab (without hiding them inside sub-menus) - Here are some screenshots of the current and new UI.

As you can see (first screenshot is current UI), there are new setting headers for better categorisation and also the UI is tweaked with rounded list items. I am personally aware of this page when Google was working on it, it was empty but had both tabs. A user in RCS international group shared a video of the new setting UI (thanks again Anthony) on his samsung phone. I immediately remembered where to look for the setting UI and I was able to enable it on my phone. 

If we come to the "when Google will roll this out?" part, I am not sure. Google can do it anytime because they took over a month to roll out the recommended tab.

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