The season of pixel leaks is going on and one thing is confirmed that pixel 9 is coming and Google is preparing the Google app for its latest upcoming Pixel phone.

In the latest version of Google app beta version, Google has added some codes which is specific to the Google Pixel 9. The code is about the Google assistant setup wizard which user will see whenever they will setup their Pixel 9 for the first time. Here are some files names -

The first file is apparantly the setup wizard fragment or the page itself and the second file is a Lottie animation file which will appear on the same setup screen. And no, there is no indication of the "Pixie" assistant yet which we heard some months ago. 

The both files are available here on my Google Drive and you can actually preview the lottie animation on by uploading the json file. The animation doesn't give out much info though. Here is an still preview of the animation.

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