WhatsApp is focusing on integration of various features which we usually see in the apps like Google Pay, Paytm and Phonepe. A few weeks ago I posted about WhatsApp working on International UPI payments which would allow users in supported countries to pay through UPI.

The new feature which WhatsApp might be working on is already available on other apps which I have mentioned above. Everyone who uses these apps must have come across the UPI payments through Rupay Credit Card option. These apps allow users to link their rupay credit card which users can use for making UPI payments to businesses through QR codes. This feature is not available for other type of credit cards. 

So in the latest version of WhatsApp beta, I have come across a new icon which was added in the mentioned version update. Here is how it looks - 

Well, this is just a logo, but such logos aren't added by mistake :p There are some strings related to adding rupay credit cards -

• You need to have a bank account added as a payment method before you can set up your Rupay credit card.
• RuPay credit cards can be used to pay businesses. Add a bank account to receive or send money to friends and family. Learn more.

So both things indicates that this it is definitely in works, but I can't really say when this will be available. WhatsApp has been trying to tap into the payment market through its large Indian userbase but doesn't seem to reach the popularity of apps like PhonePe, Paytm and Gpay. It is yet to see if such new features will make any difference.