Back in February Google Announced the password sharing functionality with family members. Just after that, in March I spotted the initial share button and a pop-up introducing the password sharing feature. More work has been done since and seems like it will be coming to everyone in just a few weeks.

In the latest version of Google Play Services beta 24.13.14, the changes hint toward a more complete feature, here is a video of how it will work. 

As you can see in the video, the tapping a share button of a saved credential will open a share sheet with the family memeber names and their profile pictures. You can select one or multiple members with whom you want to share password and then tap the share button.

Tapping the share button doesn't seem to do anything in the video, so it's possible that there is some work left to do. One more important to note here is (as you can see in the video) - When you share a copy of your username and password, your family member can fill them using Google Password Manager. This means the username/email/password will be shared directly in their own Google Password Manager and can be auto-filled through the Android's auto-fill feature.

If case if you have noticed one more thing - the redesigned password manager UI. It has been in developement since some months and now appears to be fully ready. So it's possible it could also be rolled out in some weeks but nothing is certain.

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