Google Play Store is great for finding all kind of apps and games for your Android device. One thing that people often complain about Play Store is the lack of downloading multiple apps simultaneously. If you have a fast internet connection like WiFi or 5G, it makes sense to let users install multiple apps at once instead of putting the other apps/games in pending list.

There are various old posts and screenshots on reddit of 3-4 years old Play Store interface showing parallel install functionality. But that functionality or maybe just experiment never reached to all users. But it seems like Google is finally working to bring one of the most requested feature to everyone - simultaneous or parallel downloads.

With Play Store version 40.0.13, Google is experimenting again with parallel install feature. A few flags have been added in the latest update which I enabled to see if it really works and it really worked. Here are some screenshots of the parallel installing -

Although the feature is quite useful but it has some limits. First one is - parallel install may not work for app updates in the "Manage apps & device" section. If you have multiple app updates available then hitting the "Update all" button or each app's "Update" button will not start parallel installing. Only one app will be updated. The second thing is - Google seems to limit the number of parallel downloads as well, by default there are only two apps that can be downloaded simultaneously. Google has limited this through a flag. So I took the opportunity to change the simultaneous downloads limit from 2 to 5. This worked and I was able to parallel download 5 apps at once.

Other than these two things, I didn't notice anything which is worth mentioning about it. So while the 2 apps download limit may sound ridiculous but Google can change it anytime they want. This might go through more testing before rolled out to everyone.

If you have a rooted device, you can enable or manually add the following flag with GMS Flags app - 

Package -
Flags - InstallQueue__enable_su_parallel_install

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