Google has been working on the integration of its Gemini Ai in the Google Messages from some time. Till now, we have only seen some screenshots from the Google Messages app, but no one is aware of how it's going to work and how it will be different from the Gemini on the web and the Google app on Android.

With the latest update of Google Messages version, I was able to make it work and here are some things you should know about Gemini in Google Messages -

  • The integration of Gemini in Google Messages is similar to Gemini in the Google app and Gemini on the web.
  • It supports extensions like Gmail, Flights, Maps, Workspace and more which are available on web. I asked it to show emails from last week and it showed them.
  • It can also give code suggestions. It worked fine when I asked it to write a bash code to list files in a folder. Although there is no "copy to clipboard" thing here, so we have to long press the message and tap the copy button from top toolbar.
  • In my testing, it didn't accept any images for input and gave me a "I can't process this file' error. This will probably be fixed in upcoming version.
  • It also gives response to particular reactions if you react with certain emojis like thumbs up and angry emojis. 
  • It can also generate images which is amazing.
  • You will need to sign in with your Google account in Google Messages. Gemini will not work without a Google account.
  • I was able to add Gemini in Group conversations but it breaks encryption and I am not sure how to trigger it to give responses in groups. 

Here are some screenshots of the chats with Gemini in Google Messages -

Basically, it includes almost everything a normal user need, and it is very clever thing done by Google, integrating in Google Messages which might reduce the need to keep Google app installed on my phone because it slows it down. The other thing is that Gemini integration will also give a boost to RCS because more people will use Google Messages.

The Gemini integration in Google Messages uses RCS but it is not end to end encrypted which is understandable because Google might want some logging data from interactions to Gemini.

I might add more information in the article later if I find about it.

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