Just a few days ago, Google has been spotted testing a new toolbar to create new notes which was similar to the floating navigation bar in Google chat. While it was pretty good and recieved positive reactions but looks like Google keep may not be settling on it. There is a new version released this week of Google Keep and I managed to enabled yet another type of new note creation button.

Update : A further look into the code changes reveals that Google completely got rid of the previous floating navigation bar which it was testing a few days ago.

In the latest Google Keep version 5.24.112, I was able to enable a new floating fab button to create new notes. This time it is similar to the floating button which you see in the Google Calendar app. Here is the screenshot from the Google Keep - 

As you can see in the screenshot, the whole bottom navigation bar has been replaced with a fab button with plus sign. Tapping the button expands it vertically and you see three options now. First one is to create a drawing note and second one to create a list note and the third one to create a simple text note. 

So it seems like Google might be experimenting with two types of options to replace the old navigation bar. We will see which one will make it to the final. This is hidden behind a flag and not yet available for everyone.  The old flag can be used the enable the new fab well.

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