Back in December Meta announced some cool AI powered tool for Instagram and Facebook for image editing. There were only two tools named - Backdrop and Restyle. Restyle tool worked by using taking a user input or prompt such as watercolor or magazine collage, and the tools then generated an existing image based on those tools. The backdrop tool also utilises a text prompt and changes the background of the image. WhatsApp only recieved the AI based sticker generation feature.

But seems like Whatsapp will also recieve those AI based image editing tools. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp (, I was able to make the feature appear. Here is a single screenshot of the feature - 

The new sparkle icon for image editing appears when attaching images in chats and posting images in status updates. Tapping the sparkle icon shows three option named - Backdrop, Restyle and Expand. You have already read about the Backdrop and Restyle tool, the third one - Expand, is likely a new tool which will allow you to expand images. Using AI to expand images beyond their visible area is not new and there various websites which provide such services. So it will be cool to see it in a social app like Whatsapp. 

Currently these three tools don't work in WhatsApp, tapping on them does nothing. So they might be still a work in progress. The features which meta announced in December were only available to US users. So it will be interesting to see if meta can bring these tools to it's million of WhatsApp users outside the US.

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