Google Keep is great app for taking notes, making lists and setting reminders. While it may not be the perfect note taking app, it keeps adding testing and adding new feature, very slowly. The Ai based list generation feature and a quick shortcut on lockscreen to take notes has been in works from some months.

In addition to above things, Google also seems to test a new bottom toolbar which might replace the old toolbar for quick notes creation. The feature has been spotted by Danyil Kobzar and enabled it with a flag which he shared on his Telegram channel. I was also able to test the feature on my phone and here is how it looks as compared to the older toolbar - 

As you can see in the second screenshot, this toolbar looks similar to floating toolbar which Google has recently rolled out in the Google Chat app. The new toolbar in Google Keep only has three button - to take a note, to create a list and create a drawing/picture note. The voice button and picture button is removed. 

I am not sure what's the actual point of removing the two buttons but I can just guess both of these things can still be accessed inside the note by tapping the plus sign on bottom left. The new toolbar also takes less space in landscape mode and shows more content area. The plus button has a nice animation when we tap it to create a new note.

Yes, they should fix the black bar. The feature is available for me in the Google Keep version 5.24.102 and might be available in previous version as well. I am not sure when this will roll out publicly. If you are rooted you can add the following flag for enabling it using GMS Flags app.

• Package -
• Flags - 45618251

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