Some of you may be thinking that animated emoji reactions are already available in Google Messages. Well, you aren't wrong but this new change adds a bit of more animated changes in those existing reactions. This change is a part of Google message beta version and may require flipping of flags (yeah, I did flip some flags).

It's all about message reactions and not that big. If you have used telegram, you may be well aware of the message reactions feature. So usually when you do a thumbs up on an message, you see some animations which burst like a cracker. In case of Google message, the feature is kinda similar and is limited to some reactions only. The animations are bigger as compared to what we see in telegram. Here are some screenshots - 

And here is a video of the feature which gives a more detailed look at how the reactions actually look - 

Google message just can't stop adding new features this month in Google Messages as Google is trying to push RCS for everyone, even apple joined the RCS chat in which Google was alone. After noise cancellation, text formatting, profile and chat UI overhaul leaks, addition of more features which brings functionality and improve user experience are welcome. 

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