Gmail on Android is bringing two new features with the latest update of Gmail 2023.11.12 (Apkmirror). First one is predictive back navigation without actually enabling Predictive back navigation in developer options. The other feature will make it easier to unsubscribe from promotional bulk email sender and bring the functionality which is available on Web only for now. 

Predictive Back Navigation

This is actually a neat implementation of the this feature and you don't need to enable the actual predictive back navigation from developer option for this to work. This will only work on devices running Android 14. While I can't explain, how it looks, here is a video - 

Unsubscribe Button -

 In Gmail web version, you have an "Unsubscribe" option on top of the email to unsubscribe from almost every promotional emails. In this process, sometimes you have to visit the email sender's website to unsubscribe. This is not the case with its Gmail app on Android. Usually you can unsubscribe from promotional emails by scrolling down on the email and find the unsubscribe link in the email itself. Gmail also provides a "Unsubscribe" option for some emails, hidden inside the 3 dot menu. This option usually automatically sends an email to unsubscribe. 

With the new change in Gmail on Android, Google will actually place a "Unsubscribe" button on top of the email, just like the web version. Just like web version, Google sometimes will show you a popup to go to the email sender's website where you can unsubscribe. This will definitely save some of your time looking for the unsubscribe button below the email which is always a tiny text to find.

I think what Google doing here is that - it is automatically scanning the emails for the unsubscribe link and place it in the form of a button to let you easily unsubscribe. 

Both the changes are currently hidden behind flags and I expect them both to be rolled out soon. 

If you are rooted, you can enable the following flags using GappsMod - 

Package name -

Flag - 45411108 and 5410707

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