Google Messages has been on a roll this month adding new features such as text formatting, chat backgrounds and noise cancellation for voice messages. I have been leaking all these upcoming changes in Google Messages from some days and today I am sharing about some new changes coming to Google Messages.

With beta versions of Google Messages -, Google message is working on changing the UI of the bottom chat bar and the profile page.  Now the profile UI looks much better and matches the overall design of the rest of the Google Messages app. Here are some screenshots of changes - 

The bottom chat bar where you type your text,  the + button and gallery icon on the left are changing their positions and now being placed inside the input field layout. The smiley icon is taking taking the place of + icon. Also the voice message icon is being placed alone in the right. Talking about the Profile UI, it is changed completely from plain boring texts and icons to new one with material you theme and elements.

All these changes which Google Messages bringing recently clearly indicates that Google is working very hard to make people use Google Messages as an instant messaging platform with the power of RCS. These UI changes are currently hidden behind flags and may appear for beta testers anytime soon.

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