I have spotted this feature back in September when Google added a bunch of flags about it. There was not much information about it at that time but in a November Google Play System Update changelog, Google mentioned that it will roll out with Play Store with version 38.3, unfortunately that didn't happen. Google again mentioned about this feature in the changelog of December Google Play System and is now supposed to roll out with version 38.8 of Play Store. I didn't have any luck enabling the feature when I initially found it but with Play Store 38.8, it is now partially working for me after flipping a few flags. So how's it going to work? I haven't seen any other reports about anyone spotting it the wild, so my guess is that it's either limited to very few people now or even if it's rolled out to many people, they will not find it easily.

Just like you can install apps on your connected devices such as your other Android Phone, WearOS, TV, Android Auto and PC, you will be able to remotely uninstall them as well, but it's will not be as easy as installing them. Once available, you will find this feature inside the "Manage" tab which is inside the "Manage apps & devices" page. On the manage tab you have to tap on "✓ This device" and bottom sheet will appear listing all your connected devices, which is kinda same as what you see in the install dialog when you remotely install an app to choose your device. Tapping on any of your device name will fetch the list of all installed user (and some system) apps from that specific device. Here you can tap on the checkbox to select multiple apps or a single app, on selection a delete icon will appear on top right. Tapping on that delete icon will show a popup telling you "1 app will be uninstalled from your (device name)". Here you can either tap on cancel or uninstall. The app will be uninstalled from your other device.
Here are a few screenshots of the process - 

One more thing to note that you can sort your apps by name and size. Sorting by size will definitely help you get rid of apps consuming space on your other devices easily. There are other few things that I want to mention here. The app list which Play Store fetches from my other device was not complete. It was the mix of system apps and user apps. System apps were the one which has updates installed, most of them were Google apps. Not all user apps were there, a lot of them were missing, such as I have Instagram installed on other device but it was not in the list. 

So I guess this was either a bug or maybe the app was not installed from the Play Store. I am not really sure what's the actual issue here but we will find about it once more users get this feature. According to the Google Play System Update changelog this feature will be available on Phones, Wear, TV, Android Auto and PC.

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