Google has been lately adding some new features in Google Messages such as redesigned chat bar, profile UI, noise cancellation, photomoji, screen effects, voice moods and animated reactions. Some of these features are already rolling for beta testers. But being a beta tester doesn't mean you will get the features instantly available for you.

The other method of getting such new features quickly is having a rooted device so you can enable flags with apps like GappsMod and GMS Flags. But there a way to get new features working instantly on unrooted devices as well. In this post I am going to explain how you can do it. 

Some of you are probably aware that Google Messages has a separate build for samsung specific devices. Luckily Google has enabled a feature in it which we can use to enable the flags for new features which are added in beta versions. This things is not available in the normal Google Messages beta version which you install on devices other than samsung. I am not sure since how long it's been like this and if it's something intentional from Google. But anyway, who cares, time to spill the beans, thanks to Mathew Garbett for tipping and @user_ams007 on discord for initially spotting the change.

• Things needed

1. Google Messages beta, samsung specific apk (Apkmirror). Samsung specific messages have samsung_openbeta_dynamic in the end of package name.
2. Working brain and I will not list all feature flags here. Trust me, its more fun when you will explore it yourself. 

• Instructions

  1. Install the latest Google Messages beta apk from apkmirror which should have "samsung_openbeta_dynamic" in it's package name.
  2. Open the Messages app and tap on the search icon.
  3. Type *xyzzy* and press enter/search on keyboard (whole string along with stars). Once you press enter you will see a toast indicating that debug menu has been enabled.
  4. Now tap on the profile picture menu and you will see a "Debug" option. 
  5. Now after tapping the Debug option you will see a list of option appear. Now tap on the "Values" and then on "Auto-ramp Overrides/Gservice keys..."
  6. You will see all the feature flags available in Google Messages beta version with which you can mess around.
Thats all. Some of you may not like the OneUI style header but we cannot do anything about it. You also have to rely on Apkmirror to sideload this specific Google Messages version whenever someone uploads it. One more thing to note here is that not all the feature flags will work because some of these are work in progress and some depends on a few files which needs to be downloaded by Google Messages. For example, if you enable the photomoji through this debug menu, you will have to wait some hours maybe before it shows up in your reaction list, this is because Google Messages downloads some files to make it work.

If you have any issues or questions regarding this method or want to ask for flags, you can join my telegram channel Gapps Flags and Leaks and group to discuss about it. You can follow me on twitter/x as well ;)