WhatsApp channels is a great way to share updates with your followers and broadcast important information to a large number of people. Back in January, WhatsApp added the ability to share voice notes and create polls in channels. 

The voice note sharing functionality might be a limited experience for some people who want to share music with followers. Telegram allows almost all kinds of content to be posted in the channels. In case of WhatsApp, at least they may allow users to share music files such as MP3 files in channels.

I was able to activate the audio file sharing functionality in channels. This works in the same way as sending audio files in personal chats and groups. Here are some screenshots - 

As you can above, the first screenshot is from the current UI of the attachment screen in channel, it doesn't have the "audio" option. The second screenshot shows the "audio" option which I enabled using some methods(secret :p & it's not a WhatsApp mod). The third screenshot shows the audio file which I sent in a WhatsApp channel using the "audio" attachment option. I want to mention one thing here is that - audio files shared in channel have the headphone 🎧 icon whereas the voice notes have the microphone 🎤 icon.

I am not sure when WhatsApp will roll-out this feature for channels. This would be a great way to share music and might even help in increasing piracy of audio music (but you know we can report channels :p)

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