Circle to Search is a cool feature allowing you to search for things just by circling on your screen. You can do this on supported phones by long pressing the navigation bar or home button. Some days ago I shared through PiunikaWeb that Google is working on a functionality which will enhance the process of sharing screenshots or sharing a particular part of your screen as Image without going through the cropping process.

If you are a rooted user with a supported device having Circle to Search functionality, you can enable it right away without waiting for Google to roll it out, which Google might do in some weeks or maybe months. Well, it's Google.

Required things -

  • Rooted devices with Circle to Search functionality enabled
  • Google App latest beta version from Play Store or Apkmirror
  • GMS Flags app installed with root permission granted. (GitHub)

Steps - 

  1. Open the GMS flags app and tap the Search tab. Then tap on the "All packages" tab
  2. Here you will see the list of packages. Then search for the following package and tap on
  3. Now click on the 3 dots menu on the top right of this page and click on "Add a multiple flags"
  4. You will have a new page again and you have to enter these flags in the text field, just copy and paste as it is. Each flag should be in a different line.

    Then just tap on the Save button in bottom right.
  5. Now clear data of Google app from the settings and open Google app again. You might have to force stop once or twice to see the changes.

Also please note that I have tested it myself and another person also tested the flags and it worked for him. I can't guarantee the same for everyone. For more such flags you can join my Telegram Channel where I sometimes share flags. You can follow me on Twitter/X as well for updates.