WhatsApp keeps adding new stuff in the beta version every other day to enhance the user experience. The latest addition in WhatsApp is similar to the like button we have all seen in Instagram and Twitter (X). This new button will likely allow you to instantly react on the status updates posted by other people on WhatsApp.

In the latest version of WhatsApp beta, I was able to activate the new feature and here is a screenshot of it - 

As you can see in the screenshot, the heart (or the like button as we all like to call it) icon is placed just besides the bottom reply bar on the status UI. WhatsApp already allows users to reply with any emoji or sticker as they want by tapping on the reply bar and then selecting the emoji icon and choose whichever they want. The new like button will likely send an already predefined emoji like a thumbs up or the heart emoji or it could be a react like we do it on messages. I am not sure how it will actually work because in my testing WhatsApp just crashes whenever I tap on the like button. 

The reason for crash is likely that the feature is still work in progress and won't be rolled out anytime soon. So I will give an update on this in upcoming versions.  In my opinion, this is a nice addition as it will allow users to react quickly on status updates and save a few second by not tapping and selecting emojis from the reply bar. 

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