Google has been using AI capabilities in various of its products such as Gmail, Drive, Slides and a few more. One of the such capabilities includes image generation. Google's AI tool Gemini can generate images based on prompts provided by the user. We can do this on the Web version of Gemini, in the Google App and Google Messages app on Android. Google has found another way to make use of this feature.

Back in Nov 2023, Google announced Notes, a new experiment in search labs. This experiment allowed users in India and USA to leave Notes (or we can say comments) on web page result when they searched through the Google app on Android/iOS. Initially Google allowed users to use predefined (stock images) images as backgrounds and text/stickers over these backgrounds. Google also said that they will bring the AI image generation feature for the US users. 

Now it looks like Google has quietly rolled out the image generation support in notes. Google said that this will be US only in the beginning, but I can also access it in India. Here are some screenshots of the feature - 

As you can see in the screenshots, the image generation feature is pretty barebone with just a prompt box and a Create button. Google allows the users to add notes directly from the Google Discover page on both iOS and Android. So when you click on "Add Notes" button for a web page, you get the note edit screen. Here you can press the Add button and select "Create AI Image". A new page will open with a prompt box. Here you have to type the prompt which is limited to 1000 words and then tap on Create button. As usual, it will generate four images based on your prompt. Tapping any of the image will insert that particular image as the background for in your note. You can see in the screenshot where I used and prompt and used that image as background.

The negative side is that once you make your choice of selecting an image, you cannot go back to choose the other ones. You will have to write the prompt again which may not generate the same images as before. The quality of the images is not that good, and I can see images being pixelated because usually the images are generated in a 1:1 ratio but the app zooms in on the images to fill the height of the note screen. Other than these it is a nice addition in the existing functionality and users will not be limited to using stock photos.

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