Google Phone team is working on a new feature that will make talking a lot more fun with your friends and family. Imagine saying something funny to your friend with a drumroll sound effect in the background, or expressing love and anger using screen effects with sounds.

Back in September I came across a "sound reaction" screen in Google Phone beta version which I shared about in my telegram group. At that time, I had no idea what it was really about. As the time passed, Google removed the strings and flag which enabled that screen and I thought that feature is dead, but I was wrong.

In Google Phone beta version 124, I stumbled upon some files which are related to sound reactions feature. The sound reaction feature is similar to reaction effects feature in Google Messages where reacting with a certain emoji bring an aminated effect on screen. In case of Google Phone, you will have screen effects with sounds. There will be 6 emoji reactions, Google is calling them audiomojis - sad, applause, party popper, cry laugh, poop and drum roll. Google stuffed the links of these animated effects and sounds directly in the Google Phone's code. So I managed to pull the sounds and animation effects files. Here are the links of sound effects files, directly from the code of Google Phone - 

Here is a gif preview of the drum roll animation. There is a background (a separate json file) to this effect but it cannot be displayed at same time in preview -

I am not exactly sure where Google is going to put this feature in Google Phone because the code doesn't really give much clues & not all of the code is there in beta version. It could be the caller screen when you are in call with someone or it could be available to only users with "Call Screen" feature.

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