Google Photos got a bunch of new features such as Photo Stacking, creating calendar events/reminders directly from Photos app, auto archiving albums, locked folder in last 2-3 months. The Google Photos team is continuously working on new features and with the recent version 6.69 of Google Photos, I got hints of some new features which may be coming to Google Photos.

In the mentioned version, there are some strings which gives us some overview of what's coming. I tried to enable the features with flags using root, but unfortunately they didn't help in bringing up any UI related to the features. But the strings and code which is being added in some previous version of Google Photos indicates that they are actively working on these features. 

The first features, Google is calling it "My Week". Here are strings related to it - 

• <string name="photos_memories_my_week_create_header>Tell the story of your week with My Week</string>

• <string name="photos_memories_my_week_create_setup_button">Set up My Week</string>

<string name="photos_memories_my_week_create_description">Keep loved ones close with a photo journal of life’s little and big highlights</string>

• <string name="photos_memories_my_week_picker_description">Invitees will get a memory in the Google Photos app to see each week with photos you pick.</string>

So with "My Week" feature you can invite people to join a memory in which you can select pictures which you want the people to see in their Google Photo's homepage as a memory. This looks like a great addition in Google Photos app, it will make sharing your favourite pictures to your closed ones easy. This way you don't have to create separate albums and invite people which is kinda same thing as the "My Week" feature, but "My Week" puts the pictures on the homepage and is definitely faster than looking for albums inside the app. I am not still sure whether the memories will show on the main memories carousel or in the separate Memories tab. Having them on the main carousel makes more sense though.

The other feature which is coming to Google Photos is being called real-time albums. We already have shared albums in Google Photos and it even allows to create event album, family album and travel album. But these albums don't have any specific features, they are just normal albums. Now with real-time albums, Google is aiming on the event album with a new feature. Here are some strings related to it -

• <string name="photos_ongoing_chip_real_time_album_text">Your real-time album</string>

• <string name="photos_ongoing_chip_dialog_message">We’ll continue to suggest photos for your album until your event or trip is done</string>

•<string name="photos_ongoing_chip_dialog_done">Event is done</string>

As we can understand from the strings, you can start a real time album when you have an an event or going on a trip. You capture pictures while the event or trip is going on, and Google Photos will suggest pictures to add in this real-time album. When your event or trip is finished, you can stop photos from from being added to the real-time album. 

As of now, the work on both features is still going on, so we can see more about both features in upcoming updates of Google Photos.

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