The latest version of Google Contacts is bringing some UI changes and a new feature which will allow users to see SMS/Messages from their contacts directly on the contact widget on homescreen. 

These changes are a part of Google Contacts 4.26 but are currently hidden behind flags. I was able to activate the flags and here are some screenshots of the UI changes on the contacts page homescreen - 

Above changes gives a new UI revamp to the header area of the main contacts screen. The chips like phone, email and company are hidden can expanded with the three horizontal bars button. Tapping on the email now opens up a bottom sheet which you can see in the second screenshot. A new + icon is being added in search bar which allows you to add a new contact. The label icon besides email also open a bottom sheet which shows your existing labels and also an option to add a new one. So basically this UI revamp is done to get rid of the sidebar, so no more hamberger icon. 

Besides this, the other functionality which I mentioned is coming to Google Contacts is being able to see the messages from your contacts directly on the home screen contact widgets. This will apply to only a single contact widget. Here are some screenshots from the initial setup screen - 

Whenever this feature is rolled out, you will find a notification icon on the top right of your widget. Tapping on it will prompt you with a dialog which informs you about the feature and will ask you to grant the necessary permission for it to work.

As usual, I have no idea about the rollout of the feature.

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