After making its way into different Google apps, Google is throwing a little bit of AI into the Play Store as well. Probably powered by the same AI which powers Bard, Google Play Store is getting a new feature which can help users clear some doubts about games and apps which they install on their Android devices. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is the term used for such common questions which can come to mind of people about a certain thing. In case of Play Store, Google aims to answer these FAQs of Apps & Games using AI.

Through an apk teardown, I found some strings and flags which hints that Google is working on it and it's not an experimental.  I am not calling it experimental because it will eventually make its way to Play Store after some time, just like Google recently started rolling out a progress indicator (Download buddy) which I spotted almost an year ago. 

So with Play Store version 38.4.12, Google added the following strings - 

Created by AI
Get frequently asked questions answered by Google AI
• Answers to FAQs
• App FAQs
• Game FAQs

FAQs will show up in details page of each app and game. There are two other flags related to this feature but enabling them does nothing for now which is expected as usually because Google adds bits of code with each release, so we have to wait for more new versions of Play Store until we see it in action. 

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