Back in September I shared about some features which Google is working on for Google Photos. One of them was setting reminders. At that time, there was not information about the feature in Google Photos apk teardown which I did. But now I managed to enabled the Reminder feature and I will share how it's going to work.

When I initially found this feature there few strings related to Calendar permission for the Reminder feature. At that time the Calendar permission was not there but Google recently added this permission in recent Google Photos version (I tested this feature in Google Photos Version 6.61) which made it clear that such feature is in works. Here is a video of it- 

You can now set reminders directly from a Google Photo. If you are a regular Google Photos user, you have probably seen the chips which Google shows in bottom of photos such as Copy Text, Lens etc. For the reminder feature you will see the "Set reminder" chip in the same chips list. Tapping on it will open a bottom sheet where you can set the reminder title, select the Calendar/account in which you want to save the reminder, select the from/to date the last thing will have the link of the photo automatically inserted into the text field and you can add additional text here for the reminder as well. Here are some screenshots of the feature - 

During my testing of the feature, the "Set reminder" chip will not appear for every photo. It appears mostly for photos which have texts/dates. So it will show up for the receipts and other documents pictures which you have stored in Google Photos. The feature works perfectly on my end but it's hidden behind a flag for now. I was able to see the reminder created by Google Photos in my Google Calendar app. 

This is pretty neat feature and can have various use cases, but it mostly depend on the user. I can currently think of a scenario like I have scanned a doctor's prescription or other related document, I can set reminder for any appointment or buy medicine at a later date. 

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