Google Contacts is receiving some very useful features and enhancement updates. Like a recently discovered UI revamp and messages on widgets, a separate section for contact ringtones, birthday reminders and more. With the recent version of Google Contacts 4.26, Google is releasing another UI enhancement update which would declutter the contacts details page.

If you are a WhatsApp or Telegram user, you might have noticed your contact's phone number appearing in contact detail page with WhatsApp or Telegram app icon besides them. Here are two screenshots from the Google Contacts app - 

The first screenshot shows the current UI and the second one shows the new UI. There are multiple rows of numbers that show up in the contact details page when the contact is synced to WhatsApp and Telegram. The new change moves these numbers into a separate "Connected app" card which could be expanded to show the numbers from both or more apps. This will keep the contacts from getting cluttered with phone numbers if they are synced to multiple apps which make use of such processes like WhatsApp or telegram.

The change is not limited to WhatsApp & Telegram contacts, so more apps can show up in the list if you have them installed. This change is currently server side and seems to roll out slowly with Google Contacts version 4.26.

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