WhatsApp has been working integration of third party chats in Whatsapp from some time for the users of the European Union. There are various screenshots has been shared by WaBetaInfo with different versions of WhatsApp beta. I will not go into every detail of third party chats, please search on Google.

I mostly share Google apps related stuff but whatsapp got my attention recently when I started it using again after more than a year. Anyway, third party chats in Whatsapp will allow users to chat with users of other messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram and possibly more apps. 

While fiddling with WhatsApp internals I managed to enable the third party chats feature partially. There are some pieces are still missing but this little video will provide an overview of how users will be able to onboard and access third party chats in WhatsApp. You might have already seen some parts of the video as screenshots in news. Here is the video of the onboarding process

As you can see in the video, the Third Party Chats will be available under the Account setting of WhatsApp. Tapping on the third party chats will start the onboarding process giving you information about how it's going to work. 

In the first step,you will have to tap the Turn on button, the second screen will show which will inform you about four things - 

  1. This makes it possible for people on third-party apps to reach you, including people you've blocked on WhatsApp. 
  2. WhatsApp doesn't share your name or profile photo.
  3. WhatsApp can't see your messages in third-party chats.
  4. Some WhatsApp features like stickers, reactions and disappearing messages are not supported.
On the second screen after tapping Continue, you will see a third screen where you can the third party apps which you want to connect with. In the video, the select screen is empty because WhatsApp is still working on the feature. You have to tap on the Save button to save your selected apps. Pressing the back button/gesture will take you the Third Party Chats settings screen where you can turn off the feature and select apps again. Going back to the home screen you will see a "Third Party Chats" section on top of your chat list. Opening it will show up the chats, but in the video this screen is empty because we haven't connected any app yet. You will also see a floating new messages button in the bottom right corner to start a chat. 

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