Instagram is a popular social media site for sharing pictures and videos. Recently they have added tiktok like reels feature which is gaining some traction. All these things are okay but Instagram does not provide any way to download pictures and videos from its app, just in case if you wanna share some video to someone on any other app.


Of course you can use the ad-filled third party apps from Play Store which can help you download all those pictures and videos from Instagram by just copy pasting the post link. However its a messy way to download and you have to go back and forth to copy links in Instagram if you want to download more pics and videos.

The easy way is - Instander. It can not only just help you download images and videos, it can also block advertisement which you see in your Instagram feed. Instander places a download button in all post of Instagram and make it easy to download them. I am personally using the app since it came into existence. 


Features of Instander - 

  • Image/Video/Stories download support.
  • Block advertisement from feed (some ads appears in the section though)
  • Disable analytics
  • Disable video autoplay 
  • Disable recommended friends
  • Disable swipe to navigate
  • Load feed pictures in maximum quality
  • Hide liked posts
  • Don't read (Does not tell the sender that you read the message)
  • Don't type (Does not tell the sender that you are typing a message)
  • Hide view stories (Don't tell anyone that you viewed story)
  • Increase stories quality/ Do not crop stories

 Download - 

  1.  Official website (Direct link) 
  2.  Official website (All versions) 
  3.  Official Instander Channel on Telegram

 Installation and Use -

  1. Download the Instander apk from any of the above sources.
  2. Install as normal apk
  3. Login with your account
  4. You can find Instander settings by clicking the top 3 parallel bars given on profile page
  5. Change the settings as you like.

 Some things to know -

  • If you do not receive notifications for post or messages, download the cloned version from the Official Telegram Channel or the Official website of Instander given above.
  • Instander is always some version behind the official Instagram app because it takes time to mod the latest version.
  • You might notice some weird behavior in message section. It happens when you enable "Don't read" and "Don't type" from Instander settings. Its normal.
  • The app is completely safe and does not contain any type of virus. Make sure you download from the official website only which I mentioned above. The developer behind this Mod is a trusted person who works on Google Camera Mod named DMGC. You can google about it and read about him. You will find information about him in the telegram channel linked above in download section.

So thats it, I hope you like Instander and if you have any questions or issues about it, you can post in the comments section.