Back in time when people used to search for benefits and disadvantages of rooting a phone. The functionality and customisation at that time in android was limited and rooting your smartphone filled that gap for some users. Having CyanogenMod and Xposed was cool at that time as well as apps like Titanium backup for backing up your apps anytime was a uselful thing. 

Since the article is about listing some best apps which can help you backup your apps easily, so we are gonna stick with that instead of talking about pros/cons of rooting. 

Titanium bakcup is the oldest apps which has been there for backing up apps and its still being used by a lot of people out there. But with each android update and introduction of split apks, it has lost some users because it can not backup split apks as well the user interface is so outdated. 

Personally, having split apk backup support is must for me because a lot of apps are switching to this thing and titanium backup just couldn't help me in that case. There are a few more backup solutions have come into existence and they offer split apks backup as well as a modern UI for rooted users. Unfortunately, unrooted users have to rely on the Google Cloud Backup for backing up apps and waste their data on restoring apps.

So lets get started - 

1. Swift Backup 

This is undoubtedly the best app when it comes to user interface among all the backup solutions. Its a free app to use but the most useful functions are locked behind a paywall. You have to buy the premium version through in-app purchase to unlock its full potential. 

Features - 
  • Backing up apps (split apks supported), SMS, Call logs, Wallpapers, Wifi Networks. 
  • Enable/Disable apps, Turning battey optimization on/off, Scheduling backups, Batch backup/restoration and more.
  • Cloud backup to google drive.
Swift backup connects to your Google account and it is used for verification of your backed up apps. App developer was clever enough and this Google account thing prevented the piracy of Swift Backup.
Download - Play Store 

2. Migrate 

Migrate is a unique tool to backup your apps. Its different from all other apps because the restoration process completely different. Your phone should have a working TWRP and Mgaisk for your device in order to restore apps. 

Migrate backs up your apps and data as flashable zips. You need to flash that zip in TWRP and follow the restoration process after your phone boots up. This is my favourite because as a flashaholic I change ROMs often and all I have to do is backup my apps before flashing a new ROM and flash that zip after the ROM. After booting, I just have to tap to restore on the notification that comes up from migrate helper and it restore my all apps within 5 minutes (depends on how large your backup zip is).

Features - 
  • Backup of apps/data/permissions (including split apks), call logs, SMS, Screen DPI, Contacts, ADB state, Default Keyboard.
Ofcourse, the only downside is that it is cumbersome to use when you want to backup/restore a particular app only, you don't want to make zips for each app. Its more useful when you do factory reset or change ROMs and want your apps within 10 minutes of booting. Its totally free :) 

3. Buggy Backup 

Thats get confused by the app name, its not buggy as much as it look from its name. This is also a great app for backing up apps and data. It might take a while for you to figure out all the things in this app. This app has both free and pro versions. The free version is ad-supported, features aren't locked behind in-app purchases in this. Buggy backup provides more additional features as compared to Swift Backup.

Features - 
  • Apps and Data backup (Including split apks), SMS, System Settings (Awesome).
  • Clear apps/system cached data/corpses 
  • Batch backup/Restore / Auto backup
  • An inbuilt shell (terminal emulator!!!) 
  • More control over app backup process in settings.
This is a good alternative of swift installer if you don't want to pay and okay with ads. User Interface is atleast better than titanium backup :p. 

4. OAndBackupX

This is a simple app to backup apps and its data. Its a new version of a pretty old and barebone OAndBackup. The app is revived again with new user interface and new features but its still far from being a stable and reliable backup solution. Split apk support is not there as of writing this tutorial. Batch backup and restore, scheduled backups are there. Other than this there is nothing much to say about it. Its free and open source and can be found on Fdroid.

5. Titanium Backup

It is still the one of the best backup solution if we leave the split apk backup support. With the addition of split apk support and update of the user interface, it still have the potential to become the best backup solution for rooted users. 

Features - 
  • App/Data backup (no split apk support), call logs, SMS and more.
  • Schedule backups, batch app backup/restore, custom app filters.
  • Detaching apps (which we install from outside playstore) from playstore to make them look like they have installed from playstore.
  • A lot of more options..

I hope this article helps you to choose the backup app which suits your needs. If you know about more apps like these please let me know about it in comments.