There are plenty of app managers or package mangers you can find on the Google Play store. Most of them have basic features like making copy of APK, viewing app permissions and manifest of an APK file or an app which is installed in your phone and another feature of such apps is showing advertisements. These apps are intended only for normal users who do not root their expensive devices because they are either worried about voiding warranty or they think that rooting is a thing of the past. Well, as long as Magisk is alive, root is going nowhere.

So there are thousands of users who also root their device, no matter how expensive it is. It is either because they do not like the custom skin which OEM ships with their device or they want to get more out of their device. Possibilities of tinkering with your Android device after rooting are endless. 


For the rooted users, let me introduce you to App Manager. Yes, its an app manager with name App Manager. MuntashirAkon is the developer behind this powerful app. Probably a different name would have distinguished it from rest of the so called app managers. Its the most advanced app manager for a rooted user. Its a feature packed app which can do a lot of task which an Android enthusiast want in their rooted phone. If you have ever use the app MyAndroid Tools, you may find all feature of this app familiar. MyAndroid Tools is a great app but it has not been updated since long time and does not properly support Android 9.0+. App Manager is new in town and it supports probably all new Android Versions.


App Manager can help you in disabling app permissions which does not show up in the usual app info page. You can disable services, broadcast receivers, activities of an app using this app. This app also help you find trackers and advertisement receivers of an app using Exodus. It allows you to edit preference files which are usually stored in /data directory. Here is the list of all features - 

  • It is free and open source
  • It has material design (and a nice UI)
  • It doesn't have any useless permissions
  • It doesn't connect to the internet (internet permission is required for ADB mode)
  • It tries to display as much information as possible in the main window
  • It lists activities, broadcast receivers, services, providers, permissions, signatures, shared libraries, etc. of any app
  • It can launch (exportable) activities, create (customizable) shortcuts
  • It can block any activities, broadcast receivers, services or providers you like with native import/export as well as Watt and Blocker import support (requires root)
  • It can revoke permissions that are considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
  • It can disable app ops that are considered dangerous (requires root/ADB)
  • It can scan for trackers in apps and list (all or only) tracking classes (and their code dump)
  • It can generate dynamic manifest for any app
  • It can be used to view/edit/delete shared preferences of any app (requires root)
  • It displays running processes/apps (requires root/ADB)
  • It displays your app usage, data usage and app storage info (requires “Usage Access” permission)
  • Apk files can be shared (hence the use of a provider)
  • It can be used to clear app data or app cache (requires root/ADB)
  • Batch operations: clear app data, disable run in background, disable/kill/uninstall apps
  • One-click operations: block ads/tracker components, block components by signature, block multiple app ops.

 I do not know if you have read all the feature in above list. Personally, I did not because after reading half of the feature in list, I went straight, grabbed the APK from github and installed it. Its damn good :v , open source and ad free.

This app is not available on Play Store at this moment and I think it will not be available in future too because Google is ready to kick out such apps who mess with other apps stuff. Its available to download from Fdroid, IzzyOnDroid and the Github repo of App Manager.


  1. Fdroid
  2. IzzyOnDroid
  3. Github Releases
If you run into any issue with the app you can always open an issue on the Github or you can explain your issue in the official Telegram group of App Manager.