UPDATE : Added new instructions for easy installation.

Viper4Android is a sound equalizer and one of the best mod for rooted Android Devices. There are different versions of viper4android for different Android version support. In this article we only going to talk about installing Viper4Android on Android 10 or Q.

For now there is no easy way to install V4A on android 10 as we usually used to do on android 9. The magisk module which works on 9 has not been updated properly to work on 10. So we are just left with a different method to install it.

There is no guarantee that this method will work for all devices or all ROMs. I have tested it on my Moto G5 Plus running HavocOS and it works fine on it. So proceed at your own risk. Please be cautious and read every step. Make a Nandroid backup first if you are too noob to understand whatever is written in installation procedure. 

What You Need (New Method)

1. As usual, a rooted phone with magisk.
2. Viper4Android APK (Apkmirror) 

Instructions - 

  1. Install the Viper4AndroidFX apk and launch it.
  2. It will ask to install driver (which is basically a Magisk module), grant root permission for it.
  3. You phone will reboot automatically. After reboot, open the Viper4AndroidFX app and enable the master switch. You are done. 

What You Need (Old Method)

1. A rooted device running Android 10 and have Magisk and TWRP installed.
2. Viper4Android Module
3. post-fs-data file.
4. Wifi or data connection.

Installation Procedure

  • Download all required files.
  • Open Magisk Manager and install the Viper4Android magisk module. This will install the Viper4Android app.
  • Now you have to open the Viper4Android app. It will ask you to install the drivers. Tap on install drivers.

    **WARNING** - ** Do not install drivers unless you know how to force reboot your phone into TWRP. If you clicked on install drivers your device will bootloop. To solve this you have to enter into the TWRP recovery and follow the next step, next step is useless for you if you did not install drivers because drivers are necessary for Viper4Android to work .**

  • If you installed drivers then this step is for you. When your device is in bootloop just force boot into TWRP. Tap on Advanced > File Manager , copy the post-fs-data.sh file which we downloaded and paste it into the /data/adb/modules/Viper4AndroidFX folder.
  • Now you can reboot and Viper4Android will work.

On my device i.e Moto G5 Plus, I can force reboot into bootloader by pressing power off and volume down button together for 10+ seconds, from bootloader I can jump to TWRP with "Reboot to recovery" option. Your device might have different method of forcing boot into bootloader or maybe directly into TWRP recovery , please search on google.

If you have any question or issues , post it in comment section.