Google has been continuously adding & experimenting with new features in the Google Messages app such as profile discovery and chat backgrounds. Today I found a new feature in the Google Message beta version which can greatly enhance your chat experience with voice notes. 

Noise cancellation - Yupp, you will be able to activate noise cancellation in your voice recording while you record them. Usually there is background noise in most of our voice recordings which makes hearing the actual human voice a little bit difficult. Google Message aims to solve this by just tapping a "Noise Cancellation" button in the voice recording dialog. Here are is screenshot of the feature showing "Noise Cancellation" button in the voice recorder dialog - 

I tested it and it works as expected and greatly reduces the background noise. You can actually toggle the noise cancellation option at any time. Before you start the recording and while recording as well. 

This feature is available with the newer version of voice recorder which Google is rolling out to people. But the noise cancellation feature may not be active for everyone now. I have enabled it using flags but you can expect to be rolled out soon through the beta channel first as I am using Google Message beta version 20231113_01_RC00.

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