Google app is getting some new features like assistant with bard and recently some visual UI tweaks in the settings and the real aloud functionality. A few days earlier I shared about Google testing a new UI tweak related to the chips which we see in the Google app homepage just below the search bar with a tweaked background. 

In the latest version of Google app, Google is putting the search bar in the bottom, just above the bottom navigation tabs. This change is applied to the Google app's main search bar as well the search bar we see in the search results. This makes it easier to search if you have a phone with a long screen making it easier to reach so you don't have to strech your thumb to reach the top search bar. Here are a few screenshots in both light and dark theme - 

Light theme -

Other thing to notice here is that the chips like converse, lens are not visible here. This is likely because I have flipped some flags which I shouldn't. So I think those chips aren't going anywhere for now. This thing is in testing for now and some beta testers may see it appear, a wide roll-out will follow if Google gives a green light to it.

While Google's love for bottom search bar is not hidden from anyone but that love ain't the true love because they ditched the bottom nav in Google Chrome on Android some years ago. But they brought the same bottom bar in Google Chrome on iPhones recently. I doubt if we will see the same for Google Chrome for Android in future. Atleast it's a good start with the Google App for now. 

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