Google Drive is great for storing files and accessing them anywhere is easy well. Depending on the number of files and kind of different files you store in Drive, you may have definitely used the file search functionality of Google Drive app on Android.

While the current file search functionality is great enough to find files, it definitely lacks some things. For me it's just the UI which bothers. Currently when you search for something, Drive shows you some chips about which kinds of files you are looking for such as spreadsheets, images or PDFs. But you can only select one type of chip at a time. Also the chips are horizontally placed and you have to scroll a lot.

To fix all these issues and making searching more convenient, Google Drive is working on revamping the search interface and getting rid of chips completely. Also you can select different type of file types at a time and combine a few other filters such as files from specific people or time range. Here are some screenshots of the feature -

Google is working on this feature since a while but I was not able to activate it with flags. I tried it today again and it worked. There is no idea when it will be rolled out.

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