Google Photos have a "Video" feature under the "Utilities" section. With this feature can convert your multiple photos into a video and also add music by selecting pictures and videos. 

I recently spotted some new strings (and shared on my telegram channel) related to this feature in Google Photos version 57 and also said that a new "highlight video" feature is coming to Google Photos and it may be a rebranding of the "Video" feature.

Turns out I was right and with Google Photos version 58 and flipping a few flags, I was able to activate the new feature. While there is no major change in the video creation functionality itself but it makes it easier to select photos to create videos. In the original "Video" feature you have to select photos/videos manually to add in the video and go through different steps searches/steps to get the right photos.

With the new rebranding of video feature, Google is taking a step forward and it gives users some suggestion such as faces of people, name of places/things and the major one is time range. With the time range you can choose to add photos taken between two dates. Also you can combine the face selection feature with the time range. Such as select face of your daughter in the suggestion and then tap on the calendar icon to select two different dates from which you want photos of your daughter to be added to the video. Here is a little video of the feature-

The feature itself looks complete but I am not sure if there anything major coming to the video creation feature itself like some new animation when photos change. I haven't found anything related to that yet in the APK teardowns of Google Photos. There is no idea when Google will roll out the new interface but you can expect it soon.

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