With the release of Android 14 and Pixel 8 Series Google announced various AI related features in various Google apps. One of them is Google assistant with Bard Artificial Intelligence. Bard AI has been available for some time on the Web and now similar functionalities are coming to the Google app. 

With the beta version of Google app Bard AI is available for select users. I was able to get the initial screen show up but can't get the feature working because it said "Account not supported", indicating that it's fully server side and toggling flags with root will not help. 

It is possible that it may be available for Pixel 8 users first because there are various AI features which Google is keeping limited to Pixel 8 series for now. We have to wait and see when Google roll it out to users and see it in action. For the time being here is the initial screen which I was able to access - 

There are strings related to the Bard AI in the Google app which indicates that all features which are available on the Web version of Bard, will be available in the Google app as well. You will be able to take/upload pictures and ask questions directly from the Bard assistant UI. Extensions are also supported - with its help Bard can show suggestions/answer from your other apps which you use like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, YouTube and more.

Additionally, there will be a new shortcut to access the Assistant with Bard AI. Edit: I was able to get access to the upgrade popup which user will see to opt into the new Assitant with Bard AI (Third Screenshot)- 

Here is a list of important strings - 

• Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views. <a href=%1$s>Bard Privacy Notice</a>

• Send

• New email created

• Drafting email

• New document created

• Creating document

• Share options

• Export to Docs

• Draft in Gmail

• Create a shareable link

• Pin

• Chats

• Remove Pin

• Chat avatar icon

• Sources

• Use code with caution.

• The image is too large, the maximum allowed size is 25 MB.

• Image Picker

• Add an image to your prompt

• Screen Context

• Classic feature from Assistant

• Assistant with Bard

• Try the new Assistant with Bard experience.

• Upgrade to the new Assistant powered by Bard

• Longer

• More casual

• More professional

• Shorter

• Simpler

• Upgrade

• I can help with brainstorming and creative tasks, like writing, planning, and imagery.

• I can also help on the go with apps like Gmail, Docs, and more.

• Tell Bard exactly what you want it to use. Just type @ and the name of your extension, like @youtube or @gmail.

• "Know the tool you need?

• Bard can now access info from Maps, YouTube, Flights, and Hotels so you can bring ideas to life easier and faster.

• Power up your prompts with Bard Extensions

• Bard can pull info from multiple extensions to respond to your most detailed prompts. So get complex, get creative, and have fun!

The last one is interesting - 

By turning this off, Assistant with Bard will no longer appear in Search and respond when you say “Hey Google” or use long press power. Instead you will be reverted to the original Google Assistant experience.

It needs no explanation but anyway, if you turn on assistant with Bard AI, you will no longer see the original assistant. You can get it back by turning it off. 

That's it for now, I will keep an eye on this feature in upcoming updates and see if it's can be enabled manually for rooted users. For more updates and news you can join my "Gapps Flags & Leaks" channel on telegram.