With the release of Google Pixel 8 series and Android 14, Google added various pixel exclusive goodies in software. One of them is - local weather in Google Clock app and it's widget. This feature is currently pixel exclusive and is available by default in Pixel 8 series and is also available on other pixel devices with QPR1 beta 2 (upcoming December feature drop). 

The local weather feature depend on a system app called "Weather" (com.google.android.apps.weather). I have extracted the app from the Pixel 8 Pro dump and installed it on my A13 device and after a little bit of fiddling around with flags and permissions, it worked. But you will need root for this, because you need to enable two flags with GappsMod app (read about GappsMod here). It's not possible to enable this on devices running A12L or below because the weather app is installable on A13+ devices only and any kind of modification will break the app. So let's get started. 

Requirements - 

  1. A rooted phone running A13 and above
  2. GappsMod App
  3. Google Clock app 
  4. Weather apk (unmodified)

Process - 

  1. Install both GappsMod and Weather apk files. 
  2. Grant Location and Notification permissions for the Weather app by going in the device Settings > Apps
  3. Now open GappsMod app and open Boolean Mods section through the sidebar.
  4. Now tap on "select package" and search for com.google.android.deskclock#com.google.android.deskclock package and tap on it. 
  5. Enable the two flags with numbers - 45408428 and 45410158, then force close the Google Clock app two times.
  6. In Google Clock app under the Clock tab, tap on the big + button and search for any city you like and add it in the list.
  7. That's it, you will see the weather under city name. You can also add clock widget (the last one) on homescreen and it will also display temperature. 

Other things to know - 

After doing above process, you will see Local weather on clock option in Google Clock but clicking on it will not do anything. That means to disable the feature, you either need to uninstall the weather app or disable the flags. Also you can't change the temperature unit - Fahrenheit or Celcius manually. I don't know from where it fetches the unit information but it's kinda same as Google Contact's weather info which also don't provide option to change between Celcius and Fahrenheit. Update : You can change between Fahrenheit and Celcius by changing your system language from English US to English India (Thanks to @realmanofdiamond on telegram for the tip). So it kinda depends on the country language to decide the temperature unit which the country uses (or preferred) for temperature.

Let me know if it works for you by commenting and you can also follow my channel Gapps Flags & Leaks on telegram for more such posts.