Recently Google rolled out a "Photo" feature in Google wallet which allow you to scan boarding passes barcode/QR from photos to store them digitally in your Google Wallet. 

With the release of Google Play Services beta version 23.42 Google is bringing the same functionality of scanning pass photos/screenshots and smart health cards directly into the Android's default QR scanner. Smart health cards are certificates with a QR code on them having some vaccine information about the person who recieved it.

How it works - It is very easy, either you can directly scan a physical pass directly or use "Scan from photo" option to scan QR from a screenshot/photo. When it detects a valid QR, you will see a "Add to wallet" with an "Add" button on right side in bottom sheet, tapping on it will directly open the Google wallet app with the scanned pass information. After that you can save it in your wallet.

Bringing this functionality directly into the Android's default QR scanner will save some time as you don't have to open Google Wallet app to scan passes and health cards.

Android's default QR is part of Google Play Services and is available for devices with A13 and above. This functionality is currently only available in Google Play Service beta version 23.42 and is hidden behind flags. You can expect it to roll out soon soon in the upcoming stable versions of Google Play Services.

For rooted users, there are two flags you can flip to enable this functionality with Google Play Services beta version 23.42 using GappsMod

Package -

Flags - 
• PlatformQuickScannerFeature__enable_boarding_pass_qr_handling
• PlatformQuickScannerFeature__enable_shc_qr_handling

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