A few weeks ago I shared about Google Messages getting an edit message feature based on some code which I came around in the Google Messages app. 

Update : Google Messages will also allow you to see the editing history of the edited message. There is a string named "Original message: " which I noticed now. Also there is a time limit for editing message. You can only edit messages which are sent in last 30 minutes. 

After a few more weeks of work by the Google Messages team, I can confirm my findings. The edit message feature is finally appeared for me after flipping a few flag with the latest beta version of Google Messages (messages.android_20240213_01_RC00.phone.openbeta_dynamic). The editing feature works by long pressing a messages in the RCS chat, a pencil icon appears on the top action row. Tapping the pencil icon opens the text editing box with a heading "Editing message". Once you done editing, just hit enter/send button to send the messages. Here are a few screenshots of the feature -

Although the editing button has appeared but the functionality does not work as expected because there maybe some work still left to do. Seems like other people should have the feature enabled as well to make editing feature work properly because they will not see the edited messages correctly if it's not enabled for them. The RCS chat group which you can see in the screenshot, I tested it. While I didn't see any editing changes on my side, but other people recieved the edited message as separate messages. This is because the feature is not enabled for them. We might see the feature rolled out in beta version either end of this month or next month. 

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