Google has recently added a a lot of new features like screen effects, custom backgrounds & more back in December to make your texting experience better. There was one more feature that went unnoticed because Google didn't announce it (maybe it was/is WIP!!). While I was able to enable the flag, I had no idea how to trigger that feature. But thanks to Jhowkira on telegram, he managed to trigger the feature by just long pressing the camera icon. I tested this personally in Google Messages version - messages.android_20240104_01_RC00.phone_samsung_openbeta_dynamic. 

Selfie Gifs is nice little addition to make your conversations more fun by sending 4 second videos as Gifs. It can be accessed by long pressing the camera attachment icon on the bottom typing bar. Long pressing will open a new UI with a rounded camera frame in center and a camera switch button on bottom which will let you switch between front and rear cameras. 

The recording will start automatically after you see a 3 second timer. Once it's done you will see a preview UI where you can see the recorded video as gif. Here you have two options - Reset or Send. Pressing Reset will restart the recording process again. If you hit Send button the video will be shared as a rounded gif. Here are some screenshots of the feature- 

Some UI elements are going out of screen, that's a bug on my end because I am using a custom ROM. Currently the feature doesn't seem to be enabled by default but if you want to enable the feature (I can't guarantee that it will work for you :p) you can follow this tutorial to enable the debug menu and then turn on this flag - @bugle.enable_selfie_gifs. 

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