Google Messages announced the custom chat color feature for the RCS users back in December which allows users to change chat Colors based on their liking. Well, there is not much variety but you can change between 9 different colors. When Google announced this feature Google it also cleared that the colors syncs between the users.

With the recent beta update of Google Messages, I was able to activate the feature using some flags and I tested this with another RCS users who need to have the same flags turned on as well. Here are a few screenshots - 

So when the feature rolls out, the user can pick a custom color for the chat. Once the user picks a color you will see a "Jon Doe changed the theme" text with a Change option which brings up the chat colors dialog again. In the same way when the other user changes chat colors, you will also see the same text with their name (if you have their contact saved). This change works for both one on one RCS and group RCS conversations. It will not works for SMS conversations.

There is no word on the wider rollout of the feature yet but some beta user may already have it working.

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