Gmail's "help me write" feature can help you draff emails with ease and definitely can save you some time. All thanks to the AI. Currently the functionality is available on both web and apps, but the thing here is that you have to write the email prompt yourself using keyboard. What if you can just speak the prompt and let app do rest of the work. On Gmail app for Android, Google is working on this feature which will let you draft emails with voice. 

While many of you can say that on Android, you can just hit the Mic button on your Google Keyboard and do the same thing! You are not wrong. Draft email with voice inside app follows the similar thing but the advantage is that it's built right into the Gmail app itself, providing a seamless experience and UI. 

I managed to activate the feature on my Gmail with a flag and here are some screenshots of the feature - 

Basically whenever you start writing a new email or reply to an email, the voice typing interface opens automatically with a big mic button, tapping on it will start the recording and you can speak the prompt which will show up above the voice recording button, once you finish speaking, you can tap on "Create" and Gmail will draft you an email with AI. If you choose to close the recording interface, you will see a "Draft email with voice" button on the bottom left of the email. 

I am not sure when Google will roll-out this feature to everyone, because the strings related to this feature was first added back in October 2023. The Gmail version I tested this feature on is - 2023.12.31.599526178.Release

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