Back in November I shared about Google Play Store working on a feature which will show frequently asked question (FAQs) about apps and games in app listing page using AI. It was not confirmed that time if this feature will really makes its way in Play Store, but with a new Play Store version 39.1, seems like it's coming because I got it working by enabling a flag.

FAQs in the app listing page will save a little bit of your time by answering some basic questions which a user have before they install an app or game from Play Store. You don't have to waste your time reading the long detailed discription of apps because FAQs kinda summarizes the features and why the particular app or game is popular. Here is how the FAQs option looks in Play Store - 

So basically you will a big card with a heading App FAQs and a button on the right side with an icon and text Show. Tapping on it will expand the card and you will mostly see only 3 questions with a dropdown arrow, tapping on which will expand the section and show the answer of the question. You will see the Created by AI text at the bottom as well indicating that all these questions and answers are generated using artificial intelligence. You will also have a Hide option, tapping on it will collapse everything and bring you to the initial state with the "Show" button.

There seems to be some limitations. In my testing, the FAQs button appeared for limited apps and games only, mostly the popular ones like Google Go, Hay day, Duolingo and many more. FAQs are limited to three questions which are kinda the same for both apps and games. For e.g.
• What do people like most about this app?
• What are the features of this app?
• What is this app about?

The feature will likely roll out slowly for users in upcoming weeks. But if you have a rooted device I will share the flags for enabling the feature in my telegram channel.