Google photos may get some new features and improvement to existing ones as well. I managed to enable the new partner sharing shortcut feature and found some strings which indicate that an auto archiving and a reminder creation feature is in the works. These changes are added gradually in last the last four or five updates of Google Photos and went totally unnoticed. Work on some features is still going on and there is no guarantee that all of them will see public release because anything can happen at Google.

1. Partner Sharing Shortcuts

The partner sharing shortcut feature can make it easier for you to add your partner in new and current albums and save you a few clicks. The current partner sharing feature is completely different and has nothing to do with partner shortcuts.

Whenever you create a new album, Google Photo gives you an option to "Share" and choose people with whom you want to share the album. The current functionality of adding a person or partner includes tapping on "Share", then selecting the partner name from "Invite to album" and pressing the "Send" button.

With partner sharing shortcuts, you can directly add your partner with a single tap when creating new albums and also in existing albums. Google Photos will show you a chip with your partner's name besides the usual "Share" option and tapping on the name will automatically send the album invitation to your partner.

I managed to take a few screenshots of the feature which you can see below -

This feature is limited to only showing your partner name, adding more people in sharing shortcuts isn't supported. You have to go through the usual process of inviting people if you want to share your album. Personally, this is a nice addition in Google Photos if it ever rolls out.

Google One Exclusive Features 

The other two features - auto archiving albums and setting reminders may be Google One exclusives as the string in the Google Photos indicates -

As a Google One member, you can unlock reminders, auto-archive, and more

2. Auto Archiving Albums

This feature will allow you to auto archive albums after a period of 30 days. The strings I found about auto-archiving are - 

The value of above string is 
Archive after 30 day
There are more 

If Google rolls out this feature you will find the toggle for it in the album options. 

3. Reminders or Event creation!!!

Yes, one more app to create reminders. The strings hints that you can create a reminder, set time & date, set title and change the duration of reminder (like all day or a particular time).


Value of above string is -

Reminder from Google Photos

There are other strings which just refer to setting time, title and duration. An interesting one is -

The Google Photos app needs access to your calendar to let you create calendar events, like setting reminders. On the following screen, change your calendar permissions from Don’t Allow to Allow.

This is kinda interesting because currently Google photos does not have calendar permission and may be added in future updates of Google Photos if they don't kill the feature even before it comes out. 

While I am not sure about how reminders are going to work in Google Photos, but suppose a picture of wedding card in Google Photos that have a future date mentioned on it, then Google Photos may show you an option/chip to create a reminder from it. Well, we will see. ;)

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