Google release feature drops for pixel every month adding new features and other things. Google have a feature drop screen, as a part of GMS which contains images and information about features Google is adding in its apps. While some of these features are already released and some are going to be released. 

I am not sure about which months feature drop it is going to be because the screen doesn't really make it clear but considering Google recently updated the content of feature drop screen, it's either September or October 2023. 

I am attaching a video of all features below and also providing some information about features below the video. 

1.Translate emails in the Gmail mobile app

Translate in Gmail is now available on the mobile app* so you can stay connected to those who speak foreign languages. When Gmail detects you've received an email in a different language, you'll be prompted to translate it to your preferred language. You can even save your translation preferences and Gmail will remember for next time.

2. Take calls on-the-go with fewer distractions

On-the-go mode lets you take calls on Google Meet with fewer distractions. Large, easy-to-use buttons, a simplified screen, and automatic movement detection make it easier for you to safely take Meet calls from your car, commute, or morning walk. On-the-go mode can also be turned on or off manually giving you even more options to stay connected.

3. Protect yourself from unwanted tracking

Bluetooth tracker tags can help people locate misplaced items but in the wrong hands, they can be misused and placed on you or your belongings to track your location without your consent. Your Android device can detect unfamiliar tracking devices moving with you and may notify you with next steps to help keep you safe.

* Detection works with compatible trackers. Location services and Bluetooth may need to be turned on. Requires internet connection and Android 6+.

4. Keep all your RCS chats private

All your RCS conversations in Messages by Google are now end-to-end encrypted, including group chats* meaning your messages remain private and secure between you and those youre messaging.

5. Effortlessly share files with Windows PCs

With Nearby Share for Windows, you can now send and receive photos, videos, documents, audio files or entire folders between Android devices* and Windows PCs** within reach.*** This includes the option to share with everyone, selected contacts, or your own devices even without internet connection.

• Requires Android 6+.

• Available on 64-bit versions of Windows 10+ devices (ARM-based devices not supported). 

• Devices must be within Bluetooth sharing distance and Wi-Fi enabled.

6. Track your child's reading progress

Reading insights in Family Link helps parents track the books their child reads and interacts with on Google Play Books and Google Kids Space. Navigate to the Highlights tab in the Family Link app for greater visibility on what your child is reading, including insights on recently and frequently read books and how far they've progressed. Requires Family Link and Android 6+.

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