UPDATE : Hotspot and Power Menu Fixed

This is OxygenOS Pie port for Motorola G5 Plus. OxygenOS based on Android Oreo is already available for G5 Plus which you can check here. This port is actually a semiGSI which has been available since a month, but there was no Pie Treble ROM for G5 Plus at that time to make it work. G5 Plus dev Vache recently released a Pie Vendor which made this port possible. Since this port was not booting with the pie vendor, I modified the vendor a little bit and it booted. Then I fixed bugs specially the camera which was a little hard. Finally after some testing I am releasing it.

This is not a perfect port and there are bugs, mostly are ROM side, because some things are One Plus exclusive and they do not work on other phones , e.g. alert slider, reading mode, ambient display. I have listed all the bugs in a list below.
This ROM is already rooted with magisk and comes with immensity kernel. Moto actions are not available in this, so you can't use actions like chop chop , twist to open camera and more. Fingerprint gestures for navigation works (Home ,back, recents)

If you don't know what is Treble,what is TWRP then this thing is not for you. Search on internet and learn about these things.



-alert slider
-Ringer Mode (see fix below) ]
-Ambient Display
-Power menu (fixed)
-Earpiece Sound (See fix below)
-Gestures like DT2W and more.


  • 1. earpiece sound - Turn of noise cancellation in dialer settings.
  • 2- Ringer Mode - Download Tile Extension app from play store and tile to your notification panel to switch between Ring/Vibrate /Silent modes.


  • 1. A fully functional brain.



  • Extract the OxygenOS Pie archive and place the extracted folder in TWRP/BACKUPS/*device id*/here.
  • Boot into TWRP
  • Wipe data/system/cache/dalvik
  • Restore the OxygenOS Pie Backup using Restore option.
  • Reboot
  • Install magisk manager apk and enjoy your OxygenOS


Vache - For Pie vendor
Shivvvvvv- Fixing camera and more.
Guzaram- For the original semiGSI.

If you have any questions regarding this than you can ask here by commenting you can join our SemiGSI/GSI group on telegram for support regarding installation and other things.