๐Ÿ’ง Oxygen Os 5.1.7 For G5 Plus ๐Ÿ’ง

(Android Oreo, Port from OnePlus 5)

This is oxygenOs semiGSI ported from One Plus 5, its running on android 8.1 and its 64bit. If you don't know what is root, TWRP, treble, bootloader unlocking etc. , then this article is not for you. You need an rooted G5 Plus with treble supported twrp installed.

Project treble made this port possible. If you ever seen a one plus, you may agree with me on the point that it is snappy, less bloated, and the user interface is pretty clean and simple.

Well, personally never seen OxygenOS running on a One Plus device (What a shame ! ๐ŸŒš) , but I have read about it a lot on the forums and reviews, and when I used it on my G5 Plus, those all things I read were true about oxygenOS. It was almost impossible some months ago to make it run on Moto G5 Plus, but thanks to vache who made project treble possible on G5 Plus, and Jhenrique who did the miui port , its vendor is being currently used for all these miui and and oem rom sGSI ports like ZenUI, Samsung experience and ZUI.

Well , lets come to this oxygenOS port, its been running fine on my G5 Plus , it is snappy, fast and overall experience is amazing. It is oreo, so its a little old because OxygenOS pie is already available for One Plus devices. It is not totally bugless, there are some bugs with which you have to manage if you want to use it. Bugs are not major because all things like Data, wifi, Bluetooth, hotspot and other most needed things are working. Some things won't work because they are kind of One Plus exclusive. I managed to fix the USB tethering , Hotspot and brightness bugs, it much more usable, atleast for me :p .

For the installation part , I made it easy for the users to install it , you don't have to flash 69+ patches this time , because I know its annoying. Its a tar.xz file , inside it there is TWRP backup of boot image, system and vendor. All you have to do is, just extract the tar.xz file and restore via TWRP , you don't need to flash anything . More and clear installation instructions are give in this post below.



• Shivvvvvv - For fixing the bugs
• Rahil Vaidhya - for telling me that OP5/T system will boot without any modification. ๐Ÿ˜‚


1. Rom side things like - alert slider, face lock, reading mode, some things in gesture section won't work and maybe more .

2. If you are a person who use On Screen navigation keys, then this fine for you. If you use fingerprint navigation gestures then there is issue with keyboard. After reboot , keyboard doesn't pop up when you write something, to solve this you have to enable and then disable the "On-Screen Navigation Bar" in Setting > Buttons after each reboot.

3. No earpeace sound (see the fix)
Earpeace Sound Fix- Open dialer, tap on the three dots on top right, turn off "noice cancellation" .

Things To Know

1- It is pre rooted with magisk v18, just install magisk manager after boot , and then reboot again to make magisk work.

2- Extended Kernel is already included. What about other kernel support? - Ace doesn't work, it will give issue and I have no idea about other kernel support, so flash at your own risk.


1. OxygenOS TWRP Backup
2. Treble TWRP


1. Extract the OxygenOS twrp backup (If you are on android , I would suggest "Zarchiver" app to extract it)

2. Place the extracted backup in TWRP backup folder.
TWRP/Backups/*device id*/OxygenOsBackup

(The extracted system, boot and vendor files should be placed inside OxygenOsBackup folder, do it correctly otherwise TWRP won't show you the restore OxygenOsBackup folder)

3. Reboot to TWRP and then restore the OxygenOS backup.

4. Reboot and enjoy.

If you have any questions regarding this than you can ask here by commenting you can join our SemiGSI/GSI group on telegram for support regarding installation and other things.