Update - Arrow OS is the first Pie rom for Moto G5 Plus released publicly). GZOSP is also now released (13 sep) . Check out the list of All Pie ROMs available For Moto G5 Plus

Its been a month since the Android Pie is released,the biggest update which introduced material design 2.0 , Digital wellbeing, Adaptive brightness, Adaptive battery, new navbar gestures and background restrictions of app. There are a lot of other under the hood changes in Android 9.

Here we at Moto G5 Plus have been waiting since a month to get first public build of a custom rom based on Android 9.0. The wait is going to over soon as we have got the first working pie build of GZOSP rom, it has not been released publicly yet, but considering the fact that everything works on it, it won't take much time to release. If you are not patient enough and want to use Pie then you can use the Semi-GSI port of Pie on your Moto G5 Plus.

I have been using the GZOSP test build for some days, and in this post I am going to share some screenshots of it and will try to tell about the features that are working on it.

Lets see some screenshots first featuring GZOSP Pie Rom on Moto G5 Plus. In the below screenshots , I have used a substratum theme "Ethereal", yes you can use substratum on it if you are rooted.

I flashed the GZOSP rom along with the opengapps which are build specifically for 9.0, it was easy to flash just like we do for any other custom rom. Its a non-treble rom , having 64bit architecture. The rom ships with Drunk Optimus kernel by default, but I have been using Ace Kernel on it, which is ready to flash on upcoming Pie Roms for Moto G5 Plus.

What's Working

- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- All things that comes under "Moto Actions"
- Camera (GCams and Moto Camera too)

Well , I can't write everything that works, so its better to see what is not working

- VoLTE ( Ahh Deal breaker , isn't it?)
- Digital Wellbeing app, its a Google Pixel exclusive feature for now which is still in beta face.

The things I have tested are working, maybe I have missed something. The rom is very snappy to use, and the animations makes it even better to use it. Regarding VoLTE issue, there is a fix already available , but VoLTE can be fixed when the final builds of these Pie Roms are released because devs are still working on it to fix some things.

This post was just to inform users that stable pie roms are coming , I will update this post as soon as the GZOSP is released by the developer himself, with a new post on how to download and flash it on your Moto G5 Plus. I have disabled the pie navbar gesture because I prefer to use moto actions.