Android P for moto G5 plus is now available , thanks to project treble. Moto G5 Plus was a simple phone with no treble support, but recently it got unofficial treble implementation which made us possible to run android P on G5 plus. Its not the final P, its a developer preview 5 which was released by google only for some limited high end devices. Recently developer erphan abdi ported the developer preview from Pixel 2 and made it available to all treble enabled devices in the form of GSI image.

I have tested this ROM on my Moto G5 plus , and I am one of devs (No, I am not a dev actually) from the team who helped in fixing volte and camera issues as well as testing of the kernel to fix storage issues which we were facing before releasing it to the public on XDA and Telegram.

If you are totally new to custom ROMs and GSI things , then I suggest you should search on google about it and try to learn before trying these things. This article is only for those who are familiar with flashing custom roms.

As of now the ROM is running fine without any major issues which stop you from using it as daily driver. So lets get started and see the procedure of how to flash and use it.

Files to download

1-Lineage OS treble Build by Anshuman Download

2- All files from DP5 folder (Do not download
3- Treble Kernel with sdcard fix By Martichou.
4- Magisk 16.7 Beta (for root)
5- VoLTE ,Camera, FP and Lag Fix (One Zip)
6- Treble TWRP by Nick Van Bokhorst

How to flash

You don't need to wipe internal storage or format it, U can proceed with given instructions .If it does not work then format and flash these things again.
0- Backup your data :p (Just in case if something goes wrong)
1- Wipe system/cache/dalvik cache/data
2- Flash Lineage OS Treble Build
3- Wipe data/dalvik cache/cache/system
4- Flash DP5 GSI as "system image". (Search on google how to do that if you doing this for first time)
5- Mount vendor and flash post POST-sGSI_1 ,POST-sGSI_2 , VoLTE ,Cam, FP and Lag Fix zip
6- Mount Vendor again and flash POST-sGSI_3
7-  Flash Ace kernel
8- Flash magisk 16.7 Beta.
9- Reboot

Download currently working Gcams with no focus issue from here .
Other Gcams might have focus issue.
Portrait mode is working on Urikill Gcam, Use the settings Given Here
Moto Gestures Works (Predefined Back, Recent, Home, Longpress. The moto action option in setting is broken, do not complain)

-VoLTE will not show any "HD capable" sign in status bar or "Enhanced 4G Support" in network settings , you have to call to test it.
-On first boot , Device will power off automatically and go to recovery, don't worry , just reboot again and it will be fine this time.
-After boot You have to install Google Play Services version 12.8.74 (apkmirror) to get rid of notifications after boot. Install it via adb or by downloading apk file on ur phone or PC.

Enable P style gestures:
If you see oreo style navbar by default , Go to settings > Sytem > Gestures > then turn ON "Swipe Up on Home Button"

Enabling MTP :
Go to Settings > Developer Options > Default USB Configuration > Select "File Transfer"

1- Flashlight option in QS tiles is grayed out sometime, just reboot one or two times to make it work.Flashlight in camera apps works all time.

Workaround For Flashlight: Download
Godly Torch Apk

support on telegram