Personally, I do not use Google Chat/Space, these services/apps are built specifically for the Google workspace or teams users as a collaboration tool. There are various features exists in the Google Chat/Space app for workspace users. But I recently stumbled upon a very basic feature while I was messing around with flags - Voice Messages. 

Google announced this feature at the Google Cloud Next on YouTube. It is supposed to be out in the first quarter of 2024. Other than this I only found some other forum post where users are requesting for voice message/voice memo features. 

So looks like Google is already working on voice messages support for Google Chat/Space users. I was able to activate the feature with a flag which showed up the voice message recording UI. The same flag also worked in the Gmail app as well because Google has integrated the Google Chat functionality in it. Here are some screenshots from both Google Chat and Gmail app - 

So basically, once activated with the flag, a mic icon takes place of the send message button which we currently have.  If you type a message, the send message button will appear. If you choose to press the mic icon, a voice message recording UI pops up at the bottom and starts recording instantly with waveform UI. You also have a delete button on the left and a stop button on the right. The voice message recording feature is available for 1 on 1 conversation as well as group/team conversations. 

The feature is currently work in progress because in my testing, the voice messages are being sent as m4a audio files which is really an odd thing for voice messagesSo personally I don't think this is the intended behaviour so it could change in future updates.  (Update : The issue seems to be fixed already in the Gmail app, please check the first updated screenshot)

Since the feature is currently work in progress, there is no exact roll out timeline except that it could be released in the first quarter of 2024. 

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