Google removed the face unlock capabilities with Android 10 for some reasons like it was not much secure and Google was working on better face unlock bio metric capabilities which was kinda exclusive only for Pixel 4. So with this all other devices are left out without any kind of face unlocking and there was no way to get it on Android 10. Its a different case if your OEM implemented their own kind of face unlock in Android 10, for example - MIUI.

There are 100's of smartphones and 1000's of custom ROM users who update their phones by using custom ROMs because their OEM stops providing updates which is nothing new in Android world. So people enjoyed face unlocking features on all Nougat, Oreo, Pie ROMs but there was no face unlock with Android 10. With this people had no choice if they want to use face unlock except using Pie or Oreo ROMs which is not the best solution because even in custom ROM communities the developers stops updating old sources for security patches. LineageOS is an kinda a exception in this.

Pixel Experience is a popular custom ROM with Pixel feel. Even the Magisk developer topjohnwu was impressed with it just because it provided an experience which is mostly exclusive to Pixel Phones. The guy behind Pixel Experience ROM - Jhenrique with his top kek developing skills and knowledge has ported the face unlock from a Motorola device (which has Android 10 with face unlock).

That means one thing - If you want face unlock on Android 10 then you have to start using a custom ROM. For now, its available in Pixel Experience ROM only but it can be available in other ROMs too if the ROM developers decide (Kang ? Joey ? Habork ?) to add this feature. Face unlock is popular, its not much secure as compared to fingerprint sensor based authentication but its a cool feature which people often asks for Android 10.

I am personally using Pixel Experience Plus version which is an additional version of PE with some extra features. To setup face unlock I had to just go to settings then security and I found face unlock option there. It is not much secure as I was saying but I liked the thing that it can not unlock your phone if you close your eyes. Face unlock won't bother you by any error even if you hold your phone upside down or in landscape mode, it will unlock. It can be little troublesome to use at night but if sufficient light is available it will unlock the phone. All you have to do for face unlock is to press the power button and show up you ugly or beautiful face. It will unlock by itself and open up the home screen or the app which you were using before locking your phone.


Initial Setup Screen (Read carefully ;p)

Face detection screen (yeah I am the ugly one ;p)

You can enable this option if you want to unlock your phone automatically after pressing power button.

This is the preference screen where you can change options and delete your face data if you don't want your phone to be unlocked using your face.

So thats it folks. Enjoy the face unlock if you have a device running Android 10 and have custom roms available for it. You can check if your device is in official list at or you can go to your device community on telegram and check if your phone has pixel experience support unofficially.