Moto G5 Plus earlier received port of MIUI 9.6 and MIUI 10. The MIUI 10 port have some annoying bugs because it was a port from an earlier version of MIUI 10 , some miui apps were not working and some apps were not from the new MIUI 10 we see in today's MIUI builds.

There was no hope for port of newer MIUI 10 versions for Moto G5 Plus, but thanks to project treble we can use almost new versions of MIUI 10. There are some semi GSI which have been built by devs like fxsheep/jspiri, which makes it easy to use MIUI 10. Moto G5 plus already have the treble support (unofficially) , so we can take advantage of this thing and boot newer v10 semi GSIs with the vendor of our MIUI 10 port by jhenrique. This semi GSI has been ported from Mi8 Lite smartphone (China version).

This guide is not for complete noobs, I hope you already know about how to use TWRP, if your phones bootloader is not even unlocked then this article is not for you.

Based on MIUI 10 china beta (8.10.11)
Google play services needs to be sideloaded (check instructions)

Files Needed

All Fixes are added in one zip (sound/bluetooth/fp)

How to flash

1- Extract the Mi8Lite zip file and put the ROM backup folder (MI8Lite_10...) in the TWRP backup folder. (Patch 1 and patch 2 not needed)

2- Go to TWRP and wipe system, data, cache and cache/dalvik.

3- Install MiUI 10 Vendor Zip.

4- Restore the MI8Lite_10 system backup using restore option in TWRP.

5- Flash Boot patcher, All Fixes Zip and Magisk (important) (no need to mount anything).

6- Boot into system .

Note: anyone who has already used MIUI on their device before and has logged in to the MI account when they use it will have to log in again at the first boot and need internet for this.

How to Install Google Play Store/Services/Contact Sync

1. Install the Google Installer apk which we downloaded earlier.

2. Open it and click on the big blue button given inside it.

3. Allow permissions which being asked while installation ,install all downloaded gapps one by one, don't open any app untill it is finished.

4. You can login to google account now, if there is any problem occurs then try after rebooting

Grant all permissions to "Google Contact Sync" to sync contacts without issue.


No Motoactions/Fp gestures
Other unknown bugs...

Custom kernels for MIUI

Thanks to Fxsheep/Jspirit for their work on these sGSI. Fingerprint fix by me (Shivvvvv).

If you have any question you can ask here.